Company Culture

Our Company was established and in your area handle. It has actually been a BBB recognized business given that May 2008 and holds an A+ score from them. It's an extremely cost effectively priced minimalist faxing service with strong brand name worth.

As is the typical procedure of fax over web, Our Company permits you to send out and get fax through e-mail. Considering that your telephone number is not used for dialing, it's in 'constantly on, never ever hectic' mode. All your sent out and gotten faxes are saved digitally in your e-mail account and you can access them from throughout the world.


Currently, they do not have any particular mobile application for faxing through mobile phones however if you can access your e-mail on your phone, you can likewise send out and get faxes through it. You will likewise get access to their vFAX online website where you can see and handle your account activity, send out and get faxes, obtain and take backup of old faxes, and so on.

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